Better Made, Better Performance, Better Looking

My recent posting Why We’re the Best, focuses on our company and how we are different at what we do and how we do it. Now I’d like to discuss how our control room furniture and video products are unique and superior to what our competitors offer.

Modern Furniture Design. We offer basic designs for most applications meaning that we start with a shell design and make the final product the way our customers want. Our products are designed with the operator in mind; they are ergonomically advanced and are a product of many years of development and enhancement. We don’t copy the others. We listen to our customers and continue to learn what makes their jobs easier and more productive. We have an experienced design staff that works with me to space plan and create product designs for all requirements. In fact, much of what we do, the others can’t. Continue reading

Why We’re the Best

The best? The best at what…customer service, product quality, meeting the specific needs of customers before and after the purchase? If you’ve followed my blog, you’ve read what I’ve said about these things before, however this post goes to why our company should be your first choice for control room design, space planning, console furniture and video wall manufacturing. If you’re on the market for specialized furniture and video for network operations, industry, military or emergency management applications, I hope that I can convince you that you have come to the right place. Continue reading

When Free Isn’t Entirely Free

“Free is only free when the other guy pays for it”, someone once said. So, what am I referring to? Its companies like ours who offer complimentary consulting and design services with an expectation of winning your business. Sound familiar? It’s simply the cost of doing business, isn’t it? The answer is yes, and those in the control room console furniture and video wall industry know what they have to do to be competitive. After all, would you award a high-dollar contract to a company who hasn’t given you a proposed solution to your control room project at least in conceptual terms? Continue reading

Credibility, Trust, Value

Best control room furniture….control room manufacturers… to buy command center console furniture…..what is a DLP video wall? These are just a few of the key word phrases that I hope will bring prospective customers to my web site. But then what? Will prospective customers like what they see? Is it the right product at the right time? Does it stimulate them to contact me for more information, or help with their projects? Continue reading

Guide for Buying Dispatch Furniture

I’ve written extensively on the importance of dispatch furniture design, performance and the need for durability. For sure, high quality professional dispatch consoles are relatively expensive compared to office furniture and other types of control room furniture. Dispatch workstations come in all flavors and are as different as they are similar, but nonetheless cost more because of the unique demands placed on this type of furniture. Dispatchers are under constant pressure to perform flawlessly on a 24 by 7 basis week after week, month after month. This reality calls for workstations with all of the ergonomic features available to ensure operator comfort, job satisfaction and longevity. This also means that the typical dispatch workstation costs more than alternatives because it’s typically custom made to order and not mass produced like office furniture. Continue reading

Furniture and Video Walls for the Modern Security Control Room

The shape, size and performance of a security control room are driven in most part by staffing and the equipment and storage requirements for the control room furniture.

As shown in the below photo, the typical security console was designed for large, heavy CRTs or TV monitors often stacked in large cabinet-like consoles that took up an enormous amount of floor space and didn’t have the ergonomic advantages of today’s console furniture designs. Continue reading

Does ISO Certification Really Make a Difference?

I’d like to comment on the attitude that some architects and engineers have about the superiority of so-called ISO certified control room furniture. I believe that these professionals have been convinced by the manufacturers of ISO certified furniture that this certification means best quality and should appear in bid specifications without benefit of tangible proof. For the record, our furniture is not ISO certified nor do we intend to seek certification. That said, I challenge any manufacturer to put their ISO certified product up against ours to prove its superiority. I know of no proof that ISO certified products perform best, look best, or are made of superior materials. I don’t have anything against the ISO certification as it says that the manufacturer adheres to prescribed management processes. Good for them. Continue reading

Custom Cabinets for Control Rooms, Labs and Server Rooms

I’m not asked about our LAN cabinets much anymore because we don’t see as much data center work. It’s not because we turn the work down; it’s because there aren’t the furniture requirements for network operations centers that we saw back in the ‘90s and subsequent years. However, we continue to manufacture modular cabinets for server rooms as well as control rooms, conference rooms, labs and any other application for equipment storage. This cabinetry is made to specifications with pull out shelves, wheels, fan ventilation and wheels. Continue reading

New Product Release – Americon All-In-One Personal Environment System (PES)

Americon continues to expand its control room console designs to keep pace with changing technology and customer expectations. For these reasons, I have added a New Products page to to keep you informed as new command center furniture products are released. You will find an animation in the upper right corner of the home page rotating photos and linked to the New Products page.

It wasn’t long ago that a space heater under the desk and a fan on the desktop was the only solution to moving stagnant air in an overcrowded room. The popular alternative for dispatch and call centers was manufactured by Johnson Controls; it was expensive and didn’t always meet the user’s needs. It was cumbersome with a lot of duct work that restricted the operator’s leg room. Continue reading

The Advantages of Control Room Furniture: A Beginner’s Guide

Why buy specialized furniture for control rooms? Won’t office furniture do the job just as well?

Simply stated, furniture designed for command and control rooms offers the most operator convenience, comfort, efficiency, takes up the least amount of floor space, is designed for specialized equipment, and is made to hold up to intensive, round the clock use for many years.

Whether you refer to it as control room furniture, technical furniture, operator consoles, desks or workstations, it the same thing; just designed and outfitted differently for the application. Continue reading

How Euro-Furniture Designs Stack Up

It’s no surprise that esthetics play an important role in the technical furniture business. We are continually developing what we believe to be appealing furniture designs that are also practical. It’s particularly important in the control room furniture business that “form follows function”, as they say. I’ve taken the time to evaluate as many European console furniture products as possible and it’s clear that US manufacturers do things differently. It seems that most European control room furniture products are typically prefabricated like office systems furniture and sold in steel modules that bolt together. Continue reading

Making the Most of Your Conference Room

I’m often asked for ideas for making a conference room dual-purpose for both day to day conferencing and emergency management. Typically, it’s the conference room that’s considered first because the function of a conference room is similar to that of an emergency operations center; it’s a familiar place for gathering the staff and an audiovisual system may already be in place. However, the furniture and audiovisual systems may not be adequate to serve both functions. That’s why our Communicator Conference Tables and Visionmaster LCD video walls are so popular. Continue reading

New Product Release – Americon OMNI Library Workstation

Americon continues to expand its control room console designs to keep pace with changing technology and customer expectations. For these reasons, I have added a New Products page to to keep you informed as new command center furniture products are released. You will find an animation in the upper right corner of the home page rotating photos and linked to the New Products page.

Americon’s latest product release is the OMNI Library Workstation with integrated book storage. This innovative dual purpose workstation makes binders easy to reach and by combining both book case and workstation it saves floor space and costs less than if workstation and bookcase are purchased individually. Continue reading