We Manufacture What the Others Can’t

When it comes to custom manufacturing, there’s very little that we can’t do. This is due in good part to a tight-knit Americon team with many year’ s experience who can just about read each other’s mind, as they say. This speeds the overall process significantly and ensures that you get what you want when you want it even if it’s something totally original. Continue reading

Project Briefs are on the Way

I’m afraid I’ve fallen behind on announcing contract awards since mid-2013. However, I’m pleased to say that it’s been a busy eight months. Instead of including more than one project brief in a single blog entry, I will continue to make individual entries so that you can learn more about what we do and how we do it in more detail. Unlike others in our industry, we rarely say no to a custom project because we are often the only company that can handle it. Continue reading

The Problem with Desktop Monitors

Actually, there are no problems with desktop monitors except to say that they are mounted on stands that have little adjustability. The absence of full adjustability isn’t that important in typical office environments. However, for control rooms where operators work 7/24 and spend long hours staring at screens, full adjustability is critically important to operator comfort and job performance. Not long ago control room professionals used the same large heavy CRT monitors that everyone else used. These unwieldy monitors could only be partially adjusted by the operator leaving the most important adjustment unattainable; the ability to pull or push the monitor forward or backward to fit an individual’s preference. Continue reading

New Product Releases

Americon continues to expand its control room console designs to keep pace with changing technology and customer expectations. For these reasons, I have added a New Products page to controlroomsusa.com to keep you informed as new command center furniture products are released. You will find an animation in the upper right corner of the home page rotating photos and linked to the New Products page. The latest product releases include our OMNI Industrial Control Console designed for industrial control rooms and operations centers, and our mobile Communicator II Emergency Operations Console specifically designed for conference and training rooms that convert to emergency operations centers. Continue reading

The Changing Face of Control Room Furniture Design

I look back to the not so distant past when flat panel monitors replaced those bulky, heavy CRTs that took up so much space. The shape and weight of tube type displays understandably drove the design of control room furniture and added significant material cost, much of which was passed on to the buyer. A control room console of that time had to be designed with a steel super-structure to support the weight of large monitors and multi-tier cabinetry. Our command center furniture was no different except that our products didn’t need much steel support to do the job because we augmented the steel with ultra-thick exterior panels. Continue reading

Taking the Time to Compare Pays Off

I’m amazed at the number of new control room furniture manufacturers showing up in Google searches recently. I certainly don’t fault them for jumping into the pool because I’ll be the first to say that competition drives innovation and that helps all of us in our industry. However, let’s be realistic; these new players often come to the table with little experience and little, if no portfolio. Most don’t have in-house control room design services and manufacturing capability. Their manufacturing is often out-sourced, which means fewer choices for their customers and little influence on quality control. It’s true that one has to “start somewhere”, as they say. But do you want to be among their first customers? Continue reading

A Practical Approach to Video Wall Design

As you can tell from my website, we are one of the rare control room furniture manufacturers that also makes, integrates and installs DLP/LED and LCD video walls. Otherwise, we take a turnkey approach to design, manufacturing and installation anywhere in the US.

Because of our experience, I’ve been asked if we can mount video wall displays on the wall. Although we have done wall-mounting, we have come to the conclusion that a freestanding cabinet system has more advantages and costs less. In fact, if you combine the purchase of our Visionmaster LCD video wall with our control room furniture, then package pricing saves you even more. Continue reading

Basic Ergonomics for the Workplace

If you’ve followed what I’ve said over the months about the importance of ergonomics in the control room console and dispatch furniture setting, you know that there are a variety of ways to make the 7/24 workplace healthy and productive. However, I didn’t point out what I thought everyone sitting in front of a computer should know.

Let’s consider the basics for creating a comfortable place to work whether it’s a 24 hour environment where staff are tethered to their dispatch furniture, or a part time dispatch, or traffic management center where operators can move around the room to stretch and take breaks when needed. Continue reading

Shell Oil Completes Houston Control Room Project

This is a follow-up to my September 2012 blog entry announcing that Shell Oil had selected Americon to provide a control room console solution for their latest project in Houston.

Fortunately, we had time to develop a control room design concept from my customer’s vision for the room, and then proposed a variety of options and unique features like our integrated binder carousel. Our steel slat walls for attaching equipment arms are formed from the same matching material as the console and not simply a light weight pre-fabricated steel rail attached to the desktop. Our integrated slat wall not only looks better, its heavy duty construction means that it can support heavier tools than the simple rail that many manufacturers offer. Continue reading