Control Room Furniture and Consoles

Americon manufactures the finest ergonomic console furniture in the world. We meet your needs with customized control room consoles, or with original designs made to your specifications. Special GSA terms are available to our government customers and grant holders.

I have incorporated some of our control room dispatch furniture into actual room settings to demonstrate how they can be configured with or without video walls. For more ideas see Project Photo pages. There you'll find examples of real control rooms and command centers, 911 dispatch centers, traffic management centers, network operations centers, emergency management centers and call centers.

A Control Room Desk Designed for Performance and Durability

Americon control room consoles are built to last. Each control room desk is manufactured to your specifications and made of specialized materials only available from Americon. Americon employs the latest manufacturing technology to ensure the highest quality control room console furniture. This advanced manufacturing capability allows Americon to produce large quantities of dispatch console and security furniture quickly and to the highest standards. This means your control room desk will look newer and last longer than any product on the market.
Each control room desk is designed to make equipment easily accessible and to provide the operator a wide variety of options for adjusting monitors, phones, lights, and keyboards. Americon’s control room furniture is available in various shapes and sizes with or without desktop adjustability. Choose from linear, concentric arc, 120 and 90 degree designs. Because our control room consoles are not pre-fabricated metal, we are able to ship them in pre-assembled modules that pass through a standard doorway. Then just bolt the consoles together and you're finished. However, we have a trained staff to do the console furniture installation for you.

Click on thumbnails for larger view.

Control Room Desk for OMNI Concentric Arc workstation Control Room Desk Designs OMNI Concentric Arc Workstation Concentric Arc Workstation - Purple Extended Concentric Arc Workstation
1) OMNI 120 Degree Workstation 2) OMNI 120 Degree Workstation
with Storage Module
3) OMNI Concentric Arc
4) OMNI Concentric Arc
5) OMNI Concentric Arc
Workstation Extended
OMNI Concentric Arc workstation5 OMNI Linear Rorkstation - Red OMNI Linear custom workstation Communicator workstation Communicator workstation
6) OMNI Concentric Arc
7) OMNI Linear Workstation 8) OMNI Linear Workstation 9) OMNI Industrial
Control Console
10) Communicator Workstations
OMNI 90 Degree workstation Communicator custom workstation Communicator workstation in V-formation OMNI Library workstation Commander concentric arc console
11) OMNI 90 Degree
12) Communicator EOC
13) Communicator EOC
14) OMNI Library Workstations 15) Commander Concentric
Arc Console
Commander concentric arc console Commander low profile console in 90 degree formation PC Partner console Stylex console Speaker's Podium
16) Commander Concentric
Arc Console
17) Commander Low Profile
18) PC Partner Training Console 19) Stylex Console 20) Speaker’s Podium with
Custom Logo

See video of the new City of Bakersfield, CA Traffic Operations Center with Americon OMNI control room furniture and Visionmaster DLP video wall.

When you choose Americon, you are working with the manufacturer of control room console furniture products and not a reseller. This means the communication process is better and you can always be sure that you are speaking with someone with many years experience in the control room console manufacturing industry.

Why accept off-the-shelf control room console furniture when you can have exactly what you want? Take advantage of my free initial design services by completing my information request, or by phone or email.

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