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My recent posting Why We’re the Best, focuses on our company and how we are different at what we do and how we do it. Now I’d like to discuss how our control room furniture and video products are unique and superior to what our competitors offer.

Modern Furniture Design. We offer basic designs for most applications meaning that we start with a shell design and make the final product the way our customers want. Our products are designed with the operator in mind; they are ergonomically advanced and are a product of many years of development and enhancement. We don’t copy the others. We listen to our customers and continue to learn what makes their jobs easier and more productive. We have an experienced design staff that works with me to space plan and create product designs for all requirements. In fact, much of what we do, the others can’t.

Modern Furniture Design

Special Materials. Our products are made of the heaviest-duty core materials available. They easily support weight without the need for a steel framing; however we offer an optional military grade steel frame to meet bid specifications. Our products are durable; they are not made with flimsy steel frames and external metal panels that scratch, dent, and require a trained specialist to install. We use a unique surface material that is thicker and more impact resistant than conventional laminate; this material does not chip, scratch or strip away like conventional laminates. You can expect our products to look newer longer even under the most challenging circumstances. Our products are robust, heavy-duty and meant to last 24/7, week after week, month after month. There’s a reason that our customers refer to our furniture products as the “SUVs” of the industry. They’re tough.

Furniture Options. We offer a wide variety of furniture options and accessories for each design and search for ways to store more equipment conveniently in a smaller footprint. We were the first manufacturer to reduce the depth of the workstation by turning the computer processors sideways and placing them on door racks, and we popularized the 120 degree cockpit style workstation. We went away from small round desktop grommets to wide continuous grommets that improve equipment ventilation and create wide slots for clamping monitor pole arms. And just recently, we developed a dual purpose articulating keyboard tray with pencil storage under the keyboard as a less expensive, space-saving solution for storing small office supplies when drawers aren’t practical. It’s all about creative ways of improving our products and saving our customers money.

Furniture Options

Visionmaster Video Walls. We are the only company in our industry that does both control room furniture manufacturing and video wall integration with in-house staff. Our engineers and technicians have developed standardized video wall configurations under the Visionmaster label. These package designs make our video walls easier to price, integrate and install. In fact, our LCD Visionmasters can be successfully installed by any qualified electronics specialist; we don’t have to be on-site. Our DLP and LCD Visionmaster video wall systems are sold with or without our control room furniture, however because we have control over both our furniture and video wall manufacturing, we can offer attractive pricing when sold together as a package. Each video wall is designed with the latest audiovisual technology and clad in the same high quality materials as our furniture.

Visionmaster Video Walls

We are a company that does many things well and our products have proven to be the best in our industry. For more information on our company and products, email or call me at 707.539.3321.


Jerry Herrington is Senior Project Consultant with Americon. He has over 20 years experience helping people design and outfit their control rooms. Visit Americon at for technical furniture and video wall manufacturing ideas and practical solutions that capture the imagination. Contact me direct for more information.

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