Cutting Costs Where it Matters

Keeping the initial purchase price down for my customers is an important part of our value formula. We strive to offer the best product for the money by doing several things up-front. First, we don’t employ regional sales people and second, we don’t have reseller agreements that take pricing out of our hands. Moreover, unless there is something unusual at the project site that requires my presence, I normally introduce our products and services by phone and internet and save travel costs that can be passed on in the purchase price. After all, our 30 years in the business and my personal experience say that there’s no practical reason for me to be standing in front of my prospective customers and doing site walks when I have seen just about every scenario possible. I can easily handle projects of any size from my office in cooperation with our design team and factory management.

Control Room Services

That said, I will travel to my prospective customers when it’s practical and imperative to do so in order to win their business. That may sound like a contradiction. However, accepted business practice says the value of the sale should be weighed against anticipated expenses and the potential for winning the award. This business concept is never lost on my customers who understand it perfectly and normally agree. However, I understand that it’s also critical for my customers to be comfortable with the arrangement and ultimately our relationship. For this reason, I’m always honest and candid with my prospective customers and emphasize the cost benefits they gain by saving on my time and travel expenses as well as their valuable time. I say let’s start with an honest conversation on what you need and I’ll do what I can to provide the best product for the price possible. Customer service, quality products and value is what we’re all about.

Please contact me for assistance by email and direct by phone at 707.539.3321. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Jerry Herrington is Senior Project Consultant with Americon. He has over 20 years experience helping people design and outfit their control rooms. Visit Americon at for technical furniture and video wall manufacturing ideas and practical solutions that capture the imagination. Contact me direct for more information.

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